Emotions is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi, centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. By embracing Wabi-sabi, we acknowledge three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. In Emotions, we are able to see the beauty of imperfection and change.

We are in a continuous beta state, always seeking to evolve and improve. This year, we encourage our community to honor Wabi-sabi, by celebrating the blessings hiding in our daily lives and appreciating the way things are rather than how they should be.


  • Emotions is a focused, small and niche travel event that invites Buyers to get to know the best travel suppliers from Europe, all together in just 4 days.
  • Emotions curates its Buyer selection very carefully. We always invite travel agents and tour operators from all over the world that specialize or are looking to specialize in one particular region.
  • Emotions renews its Buyers each year, assuring approximately 90% of new Buyers in every edition.
  • Emotions curates its Exhibitors with extreme care and dedication, in the same way art curators put together an art exhibition. This curation process is one of our main values.
  • Emotions cares for the environment. We try to use as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible. We do not use plastic. We prefer noble materials such as wood and eco canvas.
  • Emotions takes place in the region. Our exhibitors can organize pre and post trips to invite Buyers to experience their product firsthand.
  • Emotions is full of heart-crafted details. We give great importance to design, art and style. Our motto is simplicity, we prefer functional and simple working spaces to big booths, banners and signs.
  • Emotions is ”The Happiest Event in the Travel Industry” to do business. We work hard to create a happy and cozy working environment for our community.
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Organizing team

Argentine women are the driving force behind Emotions. Our cross-functional team of professionals works hard to make happy our participants by carefully selecting exhibitors, buyers, staging and creating a happy and cozy working environment for our community.

Agustina Trucco Founder & Director
Gabriela Peisojovich Head of Exhibitor Relations
Estefania Casati Head of Buyer Relations
Manuela Forján Head of Art & Design