Where on the Map (WOTM) is a collective project designed to explore unknown and unique destinations through gastronomy.

Since its inception, Emotions has been a gateway to discover the remotest corners of the world. It has built a travel community based on the values of human connection, simplicity, happiness and warmth.

With the help of our community, we want to spot new destinations on the map. Special guests will travel to a select place to connect with the very essence of it through food, while engaging with the locals.

In addition, we will give back to this uncharted destination by driving growth through sustainable action. Our guests will become ambassadors and help pin it on the map.

WOTM is a food-immersive experience.

Food pervades all:

  • Craftmanship - artisans creating the local utensils and tableware to experience delicious meals.
  • Culture - the very essence and traditions of a place.
  • Community - the work of local producers and their crops.
  • History - a town and its people, old-time recipes handed down from generation to generation.
  • Nature - the land, the climate and the geography providing the ingredients to prepare delectable regional dishes.

Our perspective
Wabi-sabi - the beauty of things modest, rustic, simple, humble. The promise that greatness can be found in the inconspicuous and overlooked details. The minor and the hidden, the tentative and the ephemeral: things so subtle and evanescent that are invisible to the common eye.

Our destinations
Long-lost villages, wonderfully isolated places, hidden neighborhoods, local communities, and destinations that have a story to tell.

Our mission
To fuse homemade food, local products, nature, artists, craftsmen and the community.
To rediscover old-time recipes.
To care for and develop small local family producers.

Our inspiration: THE FOOD

We enjoy eating and getting to know the culture and traditions of a place through their local dishes. Food, culture, people and landscape are inseparable, and cooking is the element that binds them all. The culture of a community is defined by the way they get, eat and cook their own food. Food is everything we are, it is an extension of our history, countries, regions and families. Cooking is about emotion, culture, love and memories. Food plays an essential role in building community and preserving the local culture, and lets people communicate with each other by sharing a meal.

Are you ready to discover a new place through gastronomy?

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